Staff Directory

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Chief Innovation and Corporate Partnerships Officer

Fred Farina

Administrative Support:
Stephanie Fry

Entrepreneur in Residence

Dave Licata    

Licensing, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Partnerships

Case Cortese
Director for Innovation, New Ventures & Entrepreneurship
Hannah Dvorak Carbone
Director for Innovation, Patents & Licensing
Karina Edmonds
Executive Director for Corporate Partnerships
Administrative Support:
Gloria Adams
Mary Beth Campbell
Assistant Director for Technology Transfer
Jennifer Shockro
Licensing Associate
John Kastanas
Associate Director for Corporate Partnerships
Maral Gharib
Licensing Associate
Oliver Loson
Licensing Associate
Anthony "Reza" Razavi
Associate Director for Corporate Partnerships
John Nagarah
Licensing Asscoiate


Daniel Broderick
Program Manager, JPL Commercial Programs Office
Palas Policroniades Borraz
Corporate Partnerships Officer
photo of Mei Mei DongMeimei Dong
Junior Entrepreneurship Associate
Crystal Dilworth
Communications Specialist

Operations and Administration

Melinda Bakarbessy
Manager, Patents & Licensing Administration
Becky Hernandez
Manager, Patents & Compliance Administration

Deborah Lewis 
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Patents & Licensing

Stephanie Fry 
Senior Administrative Coordinator,
Assistant to Fred Farina
Emmanuel Medina 
Administrative Aide

Gloria Adams 
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships & Events

  Kimberly Bowman 
Senior Administrative Coordinator, Patents & Compliance

Finance Manager

Lawrence Ingalls     

Founding Director, Office of Technology Transfer

Lawrence Gilbert