• Credit: Jared Leadbetter

The Gates Grubstake Fund

The Gates Grubstake program was established in 1994 by OTT's founding directorLarry Gilbert, with a gift from Charles C. Gates Jr. (1921–2005), a businessman, philanthropist, and longtime Caltech trustee. The Gates Grubstake program assists faculty members who have a technology that may be commercially viable by providing funding gap funding to advance promising projects to the prototype or proof-of-concept stage. Grubstake applications can be submitted at any time during the year, and if selected, awards are made within a few weeks of the submission. Funding levels vary depending on individual project needs, but the average award is around $50,000.

HOW TO APPLY:  Applications are open to Caltech faculty on a rolling basis. Budget must include actual faculty effort and direct costs only (including tuition remission and staff benefits as applicable). Indirect costs should not be included. Applicants should included a signed DAF but no MORA is necessary. Maximum budget is $75K/year for milestone(s) that can be completed within one year. Budgets should not include a subaward component as funding is intended to support innovative faculty research on campus.

Applications should follow the format for submission provided here

Applicants should include a signed Division Approval Form (DAF) with their proposal submission - DAF available here

Applicants should submit their proposal and DAF by email to Fred Farina with copy to Case Cortese

For questions please contact Fred Farina or Case Cortese. For additional information on the Rothenberg Innovation Initiative please visit the RI2 page.